A Rush to Judgment: Alcohol and Sexual Assault Allegations Hampered Supreme Court Nomination Proceedings

ABOVE: Supreme Court Justice Judge Brett Kavanaugh speaks at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing

We are living in some turbulent times.

We question right, and we go along with wrong. Integrity and fairness have taken on new meanings. It seems that power has “trumped” these two words of honor.

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s attorney said, “The truth isn’t the truth, it’s somebody’s version of it.” What does that mean?

Many would say that we are on a moral decline. Our leaders make statements about issues today and say the very opposite the next day. Just when I think we have hit rock bottom, we find another level on which to fall. Watching and reading the news these days is almost emotionally debilitating. Since our last election, our America is being viewed as a bully. Immigrants are shunned and healthcare is not taken seriously. Sandwich that between gun violence and sexual assault, and we have a mess.

As Americans, we expect our leaders to possess high levels of truthfulness. While we don’t expect perfection, we do hold them to a strong ethical standard. We want to be proud of them. Yet over time, there have been some leaders that have been tarnished. Bill Clinton, former president of the United States of America, had some blemishes in his life. He has since apologized for his indiscretions. However, some will never forgive him, even if he gave fifteen apologies. Some will disagree, but I believe that while he was in office he wanted what was best for the USA.

Recently, America took center stage, in my opinion, for the wrong reason. Usually Supreme Court nominations have a taste of acrimony to them, however, when the president nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh, an unprecedented level of chaos and mean spiritedness erupted.

Allegations of sexual misconduct arose against Mr. Kavanaugh. The main accuser was Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. She is a professor at Palo Alto University in California, where she works with graduate students in clinical psychology.

Dr. Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judicial Committee on September 27th. She made a compelling case against Mr. Kavanaugh, alleging that he sexually assaulted her while in high school. Judge Kavanaugh appeared later during the day and refuted everything Dr. Ford had said earlier. Some said that the judge had a severe case of selective amnesia. However, he did admit to drinking too much and on too many occasions. It is widely accepted that alcohol will bring you new courage and cause you to make poor decisions.

We know that the FBI conducted a limited investigation into the allegations and did not find anything that would derail the Kavanaugh nomination. I do wonder how much the investigation actually cost taxpayers, as it wasn’t free.

So now, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court Justice. Allegations against him about sexual misconduct and heavy drinking have fallen by the wayside. I listened to him during his testimony and I thought his lack of judicial temperament was quite evident. Will the US Supreme Court, the highest court in the land be looked at any differently with the addition of Brett Kavanaugh?

We would have never thought stain and disdain would touch the Supreme Court. Their pristine quarters and reasoned decisions have been sullied by a rush to judgement. The hearings were hurried and the subsequent investigation was incomplete.

Will we have confidence in them to administer fair and just decisions?

That’s a good question.