The Busy Woman’s Cleanse

Do you often wonder why a skin blemish has not resolved or why acne outbreaks continue in spite of countless therapies? If so, you may need to dig a bit deeper and look inside–inside your body, that is. Good digestive health and the health of your colon can mean healthy skin. Most people don’t make a connection between what they eat and how their skin looks. That is a big mistake. Whoever said, “You are what you eat” was right. Enough sabotage in the diet, or simply a weakened digestive system, will translate into a skin condition in many cases. What type of skin conditions might be caused by improper digestion? It could be acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or any other breed of dermatitis.

The Question Is, How? Both the colon and skin are responsible for absorbing and releasing chemicals, water, and other metabolic products. The colon is the largest internal organ in the body. Its function is specifically to absorb food, nutrients, and water.

One function of skin is to help the body breathe. It inhales and exhales similar to how the lungs work. Inhalation and exhalation by the skin allows it to open pores and perspire. So, sweating is a good thing.

When the colon is unable to get rid of waste produced from food, the colon becomes constipated and toxic. The skin also becomes toxic in trying to perform the elimination function.

How does all of this affect the skin? Food that lingers in the digestive tract any longer than necessary will produce toxic biproducts. The buildup of toxins in an unhealthy colon has been linked to skin disorders. Speedy digestion is step one to maintaining optimal health and optimal skin.

Prevention: You can avoid some of this trouble with these tips:

  • Consider removing certain foods from your diet–especially dairy. An allergy to milk and other dairy products can cause severe acne.
    Drink at least 64-80 ounces of water every day, as it lubricates the colon and helps with regularity.
  • Refrain from dehydrating beverages like alcohol, coffee, and soda. These are known to cause constipation.
  • Strive for a daily bowel movement– try 1-3 teaspoons of ground flax seeds added to your breakfast.

Beautiful skin starts from the inside out. Adopting these practices will not only improve colon and skin health, but will promote your overall health as well.