Cardi B and Steve Madden Team Up To Make You Look Rich as Hell

Everyone knows that Cardi B loves Louboutins — after all, she refers to them in her iconic single “Bodak Yellow.” However, Cardi’s love for shoes isn’t limited to red bottoms: Her latest campaign is a collaboration with Steve Madden, the most excellent ‘90s brand for those of us who love killer style but have a little less shmoney to spend.

The campaign is called Daily Tips With Cardi B, and it’s a series of five YouTube videos that give fans some insight into Cardi’s favorite Steve Madden holiday styles and how to wear them. The videos are about as Cardi B as Cardi B gets, and the shoes are exactly what you’d think she might actually wear herself.

The real star of this collab, though, are the videos that Steve Madden made with Cardi. Many times, when brands collaborate with a celebrity (especially one as outspoken as Cardi B), their personality gets a bit lost in the name of brand representation. That’s not the case with this mash-up: Each advice video shows Cardi being 100 percent herself, looking amazing and saying exactly what it is she feel like saying. For example, one clip shows her wearing thigh-high Steve Madden “Dominique” boots (to “look rich as hell,” of course) and another highlights a “good poppin-ass shoe,” according to Cardi, called the “Mimi.”

“I’m so excited to be collaborating with one of my all-time favorite shoe designers,” the rapper said in an official statement from the brand. “As a little girl I would die for a pair of Steve Madden shoes, now I’m working with him! It’s really a dream come true.”