Chris Brown Allegedly Punches Photographer in Tampa Nightclub

Chris Brown was allegedly involved in an altercation at Tampa, Fla., nightclub AJA Channelside early Monday morning.

Tampa police reported that the Loyal singer “sucker punched” a photographer who was working at a private event hosted by Brown.

The alleged victim, 28-year-old Bennie L. Vines, claims that Brown punched him while Vines was taking crowd shots of the club.

Earlier in the night, Brown and his entourage said there would be no photos. Vines says that he wasn’t photographing Brown.

Footage of the incident was posted to TMZ. They also posted two pictures of lip injuries the alleged victim claimed he sustained in the incident.

Robert Soloman, one of the owners of the club, added that Brown was only there for about “three to five minutes,” even though he was paid to be there for an hour.

“It wasn’t a brawl, Brown punched a photog for the club and walked out,” Soloman said to ABC Action News.

According to AJA Channelside’s Facebook page, charges have been pressed.

Following reports of the incident, the Tampa Police Department issued a tweet containing the incident report, indicating that Brown is under active investigation.

The incident report states: “During an after party event, Chris Brown and his crew came into the club for a ‘showing’ for which he was paid. Bennie Vines is a photographer for Club Aja [sic]. As he was taking photos, Vines reported Chris Brown ‘sucker punched’ him for allegedly taking photos. By the time officers were contacted and arrived, Brown left the scene. The victim, Vines, wishes to prosecute for a minor laceration to his lip. Medical attention was refused. Investigation continues.”