‘Coming To America 2’ Has Taken a Massive Step Forward

If the original rumors about Coming To America getting a sequel got you excited, then prepare to lose your head.

The film, which is 30 years in the making now, has fully set the wheels in motion as Warm Bodies director Jonathan Levine and Kenya Barris, who created Black-ish, have teamed up to make the film happen, The Hollywood Reporter claims.

Eddie Murphy will also be involved, of course, but as far as the story goes, we know nothing.

Levine and Barris were brought in on the project earlier in the year, and were asked to rewrite a script written by another set of writers.

The original 1988 film Coming To America was an absolute comedy classic and grossed nearly $300 million dollars. It was the third highest grossing film of the year, despite not being shown to the press before release.

In it, Eddie Murphy, who plays the heir to an African Kingdom, travels to New York City in a bid to find his true love after rejecting his parent’s arranged marriage.

Because it was such a hit, fans were gagging for a sequel to see what happened to Akeem Joffer (Murphy) and his bride Lisa (played by Shari Headley).

And finally, after nearly 30 years – the people might just have what they’ve been waiting for.

Vanessa Bell, who played Imani Izzi in the movie, previously spoke to TMZ saying how amazing it would be to get the crew back together.

She said: “I would love to do a sequel, I loved the movie. It’s like come on Eddie let’s make this happen!

“I hope it is true, it would be a perfect sequel. Everybody, with the exception of Madge Sinclair obviously, everybody’s still alive and I know everybody would love to do it.

“The movie was iconic – it’s the gift that keeps giving.”

Sit tight, folks, hopefully we’ll find out exactly what’s going on soon enough.

We’ll obviously have to wait for the official announcement, but at this point I’d say it’s more than okay to get excited over the sequel.