Congressman Al Green: “Trumped-Up Charges Won’t Make America Great”

U.S. Congressman Al Green (TX-09) has been extremely vocal in his opposition to President Donald J. Trump and his administration. This past Tuesday, February 28th, Congressman Green released a statement on his refusal to attend the Joint Session of Congress, saying:

“Although my desire was to attend tonight’s Joint Session of Congress, I cannot in good conscience do so given the action taken one day ago by the now Trump Justice Department to withdraw the its longstanding claim that the Texas Voter ID law intentionally discriminated against minorities. My action is more than a refusal to attend the joint session, it is my resistance and protestation to the normalization and legitimization of our President’s harmful behavior. Whether by accident or design, the Justice Department is providing Texas with the cover it needs to avoid being placed back under federal supervision, which is what a finding of intentional discrimination could lead to. It appears that the Obama Justice Department, which sought to prevent discrimination, has become the Trump Injustice Department which seeks to protect those who discriminate.”

A week later, on Tuesday, March 7th, Congressman Green released another statement on President Trump’s reckless claim this past Saturday, alleging, without offering any evidence whatsoever, that his predecessor, President Barack Obama, wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower ahead of the 2016 election, saying:

“Trumped-up wiretapping charges against President Obama are more about fear and intimidation than distractive accusations. This nonsensical effort to frame President Obama sends a very clear message to all that our President can and will (without presenting necessary credible evidence) use the bully pulpit to harm anyone. Our President’s mean-spirited behavior will cause persons with legitimate critiques of his actions to not only pause but also cease and desist. These accusations will cause some legislators and administrators to act out of fear of the President rather than respect for the President. Fear and intimidation may trump good administration and meaningful legislation. The use of the presidential bully pulpit is commonplace in a great nation. However, to have a President who is an unbridled bully using the ultimate pulpit has no place in our great nation. Hence, we must answer the critical question: Are we witnessing a President using the bully pulpit or a President who is a bully with a pulpit? While fear of our President won’t engender a better democracy, it will likely engender less democracy. Lastly, although the ostensible target of these trumped-up charges is President Obama, the actual victim will be American democracy should this ignoble charade succeed.”

This past Monday, the White House refused to acknowledge a report that first appeared in the New York Times, that F.B.I. Director James B. Comey asked the U.S. Justice Department to contradict President Trump’s baseless allegations. Trump has doubled down and has refused to do so. Congressman Green clearly believes President Trump’s behavior is that of an “unbridled bully” and he is seemingly focused on calling out that behavior whenever it happens.