Couch and Cinema: What to Watch This Spring…

Dear White People
If you haven’t heard by now, the long-awaited first season of Dear White People is now streaming on Netflix. The show follows a group of students of color as they attempt to navigate racial tensions, self-acceptance and life at a predominantly white Ivy League college. The old adage: “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” is applicable when talking about how this show came to pass. Three years ago, the highly anticipated film, Dear White People was released and though it starred a number of our favs, it was underwhelming in the sense that it didn’t dig deep enough. This time, writer/director and Houston-native Justin Simien got it right.

You can catch Jacob Latimore starring in the new film Sleight. Sleight is the story of a young street magician who is tasked with taking care of his younger sister after his mother’s untimely death. He falls in with a rough crowd to turn a quick dollar and when things become too dangerous, he has to use the magician skills he has to keep his family safe. In a world of DC/Marvel-esque big budget superhero films, it was an enjoyable departure into a present-day everyman tale. Sleight is in theaters now.