Council Member Boykins Downtown NFL Tour for District D Seniors

Monday, January 30, 2017, was a day well spent for Council Member Dwight Boykins and some of his District D seniors as he hosted a Downtown NFL Tour. Council Member Boykins began the day with an informative session with METRO before they took them on a tour downtown and dropped them off in front of the new Partnership Tower. The seniors were then taken up the tower for a presentation from Houston First and the Greater Houston Partnership before having lunch at the new Grotto Downtown. The icing on the cake for the District D Seniors was being able to take a tour of the mew Marriott Marquis, where they were able to go to the pool area and overlook all of the NFL Live festivities. Council Member Boykins would like to thank METRO, Houston First, the Greater Houston Partnership, Grotto Downtown, and the Houston Marriott Marquis for hosting them; he is most appreciative for their willingness to accommodate everyone. Council Member Boykins would also like to thank Clarkson Aerospace Corporation and Academy Awards for being sponsors to ensure that the seniors were able to enjoy downtown and all that the NFL brought to town.