Cut The Belly Fat

Ladies, at some point in time, most of us have had to deal with more “gut” than we care to mention. Whether it is from having 5 or more kids or just inheriting that bless-ed budge in the midsection. Well, it doesn’t help our situation at all when we have extra bloating to push the fat pockets out a little more, does it? No, it doesn’t!

When we feel as though we may literally “bust a gut,” follow these simple steps to help you resolve that extra bloating.

If your waist band feels a little snug after that great meal, the worse thing you can do is go lie on the couch and be a “couch potato.” Instead, go outdoors for a brisk walk. The worse thing you can do on those “fat days” is not exercise at all. Exercise can significantly improve bloating.

Instead of sleeping your bloating troubles away, breathe them away. When you are anxious, your body produces cortisol and adrenaline, hormones that stimulate your digestive system. The result of this over stimulation of your digestive system is bloating, gas, and more bloating. Stress can also sometimes cause us to over eat, and in particular…over eat the WRONG thing. Sit in a quiet space, close your eyes, and inhale through your nose for a count of 10. Focus on breathing deeply and sitting tall. Exhale through your mouth in a controlled, purposeful fashion for 10 counts. Repeat 10 times.

Be careful with this one and don’t “get caught” in the switch, if you know what I mean. Another way to alleviate the bloating in your digestive system is to switch your birth control. Oral contraceptives contain estrogen, which cause your adrenal glands to produce fluid-retaining hormones. Some women don’t notice an increase in bloating, while others feel themselves puffing up within days of starting a new pill. If you fall in the second camp, talk to your ob-gyn about trying another brand.

Now this one comes as a great surprise to me because I was taught to stay away from certain foods that may cause gas such as cabbage, broccoli, and beans. But studies show that if you eat these foods daily, your digestive system is more apt to adjust to breaking them down adequately. I know it sounds strange and totally against what most of us have been taught, but you never know…it just may work.

Sometimes bloating can be the sign of something more serious. Some conditions to be aware of that may have symptoms of bloating are IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ovarian cancer, and celiac disease. If you try some of the above remedies and are still feeling the symptoms of bloating, consult your medical doctor for further testing.