Dave Chappelle Takes Over ‘SNL’

He’s baaaaaack! I’m sure you’ve heard the rumblings and seen the clips of revered comedian Dave Chappelle testing out new material on various audiences around the country. Chappelle wowed the nation as he made his ‘SNL’ debut days after the 2016 Presidential election and he held nothing back.

In fact, Chappelle brought in the season’s highest ratings, 6.2 Million, and the second highest 18-49 demographic rating in the show’s history.

While the episode started off a bit somber as cast member Kate McKinnon paid tribute to musician Leonard Cohen, Chappelle quickly began tackling the nation’s top concerns, which included President Elect Donald Trump and of course ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 shocker.

He managed to incorporate some of his classic ‘Chappelle Show’ characters and his buddy Chris Rock made a guest appearence. The entire program was unapologetically black, much like the Chappelle Show, down to the musical guest, A Tribe Called Quest.