On Deck: Lianne La Havas

Recently, a happy accident occurred which reignited my desire to discover new music.

Thanks to the auto-play function of YouTube, a random NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert began playing on my TV one day. To my surprise and delight, it was the mini concert of singer/songwriter Lianne La Havas. I can only describe her voice as a sunset in autumn. The beauty of the Tiny Desk Concert is that the artists perform stripped down versions of their songs. Lianne performed “What You Don’t Do”, “Unstoppable”, and “Forget.” Her lyrics, harmonies, melodies and guitar playing will touch your heart and tickle your brain stem in a delightful way. She has collaborated with several artists including Prince, Alicia Keys and toured with Bon Iver. Her second studio album “Blood” is out now and she is currently on tour with Coldplay.