DeShaun Watson in Rookie MiniCamp

Head Coach Bill O’Brien spoke with the press about what he has seen so far in Rookie MiniCamp.  Of the 2017 Draft Quarterback acquisition of DeShaun Watson, O’Brien explained that his first impression of him was that, “He’s a hardworking guy. He pays attention in the meetings. Competitive guy. We’ve had a lot of fun working with him.” He went on to answer what steps he’s taking to prepare Watson mentally for the role of QB.

Head Coach Bill O’Brien on DeShaun Watson

“It’s a great question. We start him with what we call the basic information section of the playbook. How do we huddle? Where do you go in the huddle? If the Houston Texans are on this sideline, you’re on this side of the huddle. If you’re on this sideline, you’re on this side of the huddle. I mean, it’s that simple. It’s that detailed. Then it goes to how we call a play. What’s the verbiage of a play call? Obviously, our verbiage is a lot different than what he had at Clemson, and that’s the same for every rookie that is here relative to their college. It’s like learning a new language. That’s the way that I describe it to people that aren’t coaches and players. It’s learning a new language. It’s having to repeat it over and over again and then understand what it means, what each part of the play means to everybody in the huddle and then it’s what is the read of this play? Where are we directing this run? What type of defense are they in? I mean, it’s just like on and on and on. It’s just so much information that we throw at these guys, especially the quarterback position. But, as long as you keep plowing ahead and you take it one step at a time and you stick with it, you’ll learn it. But you have to repeat it, you have to stick with it, you have to study, and like I said, that’s any position.”

When asked about his preparedness for minicamp, Watson replied, “I think I came in prepared and in shape, but it’s a whole new system, it’s a whole new learning curve. There’s a lot that I have to continue to work on and improve on.”