A DIVA’S WEIGHT-LOSS SOLUTION: (Change your mindset – Change your life)

Valecia Weeks, LMT is a certified personal trainer and a Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist. She is also licensed in the state of Texas as a Corporate Chair Massage Therapist, providing on-site chair massage.

Busy ladies, how do you handle when your body just won’t cooperate in achieving your weight loss goal? Do you make up your mind to cut more calories than you’d cut in the past? Do you try your very best to resist those hideous temptations? Do you spend just a little more time on the treadmill? These ideas could work, but only if you’ve done less than what you know you need to do to lose weight in the first place.

There is a big chance that these ideas don’t create a solution that will fix the real problem. If it is already difficult to stick with your current eating and fitness goals, then making these goals more mandatory will only make things worse. As a matter of fact, Einstein implied that if you are doing things over and over again the same way, please don’t expect different results. That is considered insanity. If you want different results, you have to change your thinking and start to think outside of the box.

I know you may be asking what should be done differently. Can this be a guessing game or is there a solution to quickly finding something that actually works?

There is a way to find a solution that works. The first step is to ask yourself the right questions. Here are a few techniques that you can use to stop playing the guessing game and start asking questions that focus on the solutions instead of problems.

  • Search for exceptions that prove the rule: There is not a problem in the world that happens the same way every time. The trick is to think about a recent time when things went very well and ask yourself the simple question of, what did I do differently that particular time? For example, was being in a better mood the key to making the right choice? If this was the case, analyze what happened and what you were thinking about the last time you made that choice.
  • Imagine that the miracle question will really be answered: If there was any such thing as a miracle question, this would be a great way to completely solve the questions. Imagine what seems impossible. Imagine there is a solution. Imagine that when you wake up that you will be down to your desired sized clothes. (call those things that be, not as though they were).

You’ll know you’re on the right track when you can focus on the fact that you lost a little; more often than you focus on the fact that you’ve gained more than what you are satisfied with. Always try to look at your mental glass and see if it’s half full or half empty. Make it an everyday goal to make sure that your fitness actions are consistent so that your odds of beating your fitness problem are pretty good on a daily basis.