Don’t Hit the Panic Button; the Houston Rockets Are “Alright”

After three losses in a row, the Houston Rockets slid into the number two position in the Western Conference. Though they just came off of a very impressive 14-game winning streak, Houston fans need not worry because this losing streak won’t last for too long.

“We’ll be alright. That’s it. That’s all it is,” James Harden said after a Christmas day loss 112-107 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. “Guys are playing a little bit too many minutes. Our defense isn’t really there consistently, and our offense, we aren’t making shots like we need to be. We’ll be alright. It’s a part of it. We’ve just got to fight through it. It’s a long season.”

Key elements to the Rockets’ success in the form of guard Chris Paul, forward Luc Mbah a Moute, and center Clint Capela, have been absent during these losses and it’s beginning to take its toll. With fatigue setting in, shots not falling, and defensive efficiency still being a work in progress, it’s no wonder a few games have slipped through their fingers.

It’s important to note that these losses are such close games. Whether the difference in the outcome of a game is one 3-point shot or a bad call…the Rockets’ opponents have to play at their absolute best to edge out a win over a fatigued Rockets squad.

That being said, the Rockets are still awaiting a response from the League Office of the NBA concerning a protest that was filed over the loss to the Clippers. With 3:10 left to play in the 4th quarter, Clippers rookie guard Jawun Evans should have fouled out of the game but the foul was mistakenly assigned to Lou Williams, allowing Evans to remain in the game. Why this matters? The Rockets were 3 points behind at that point and Evans’ defense was critical in the Clippers victory.

Though it T’wasn’t the season for Houston Sport to be victorious over the Holiday stretch, there is a lot more basketball to be played. Once the crew that was disrupted by injuries is back together, things will surely get back on track.

Harden, who is hyper-focused on taking the team to Championship heights, said, “Just be resilient. That’s all you can say. Keep fighting, keep playing for each other and things will turn.”