Epic! Kendrick Lamar pulls a ‘Wedding Crashers’

hat’s basically what this wedding guest said after Kendrick Lamar and his homies pulled a Wedding Crashers and showed up in their best flannels and fitted caps to this reception in Columbus, OH.

Naturally, they didn’t blend in as easily as, say, a Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson might have and they began to feel the heat as soon as Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody dropped.

“You guys are in this party?” an off-camera man asks. “Who’s getting married? Who’s getting married?”

Despite the man’s increasing frustration, Kendrick remains the epitome of #unbothered and continues dabbing on the respectable folks in attendance.

The man continues: “Are you guys supposed to be in this party? I asked you a question. Are you guys in this party? Who got married? Get the (bleep) out!”

TMZ reports that a guest eventually recognized the mastermind behind To Pimp a Butterfly and defused the situation.

That’s what happens when you’ve been A1 since day 1.