Fenty Beauty Valued at $72M after Just One Month of Sales

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand may be new to the game, but it sure has made an impression.

After introducing the brand with a world tour featuring none other than the bad gal herself, the line was #SoldAWT of many products, including the darker foundation shades.

Having made an impact on both customers and industry giants alike, it’s now being reported that Fenty Beauty is worth over $72 million – after just one month of sales!

Wow, looks like everyone who said they’d be giving RiRi all their money wasn’t kidding! In its debut social media marketing valuation, the brand was ranked third in terms of revenue.

In fact, just from social media alone, including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, Fenty has brought in at least $72 million. It even beat out long-established beauty brands such as NYX, Benefit and Urban Decay.

RiRi’s been telling us all she sees is dollar $igns. Consider the bag secured!