Former NFL Player Unites Dads and Hair Braiding With New Film Project

A recent trend seen on social media includes adorable videos of fathers tackling the task of styling their daughters’ hair. Former NFL Player Matthew A. Cherry is attempting to take the new phenomenon to a whole new level by creating an animated film about it. He’s been watching those hilarious videos along with everyone else and is ready to launch his project, Hair Love.

“I had the idea for an animated short film about a dad doing his daughter’s hair for a few years now, but I have noticed a recent trend of viral videos of African American fathers interacting with their daughters and sons,” he tells Yahoo Beauty. One particular video that Cherry shared went viral and even caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres. It was a video of DJ Hines having a true struggle match to do his daughter’s hair that inspired Cherry to go further with Hair Love.

The animated film will be about an African American father who is trying to do his daughter’s hair for the first time while the mother is away. The father jumps on the internet to watch hair vlogs to master the task, which is easier said than done according to Cherry. While the film will serve an entertainment purpose, Cherry has bigger intents for creating Hair Love. “The biggest thing I want to happen with this film is for children of color to see themselves represented in the animation space,” he explains. “Black hair is also such an important topic, and we want to promote hair love and acceptance. [But] this film is really for anyone that enjoys animated films.”

The support for Cherry’s film has definitely been noticed and it’s growing. A Kickstarter Campaign has been launched to raise $75,000 for the film. So far, $26,000 has been raised as more people find out about the anticipated project.