Fred Hoyer: A Proven Commitment to African American Automobile Consumers

“Work hard, work smart, and you will achieve.”

For over 30 years, that has been the motto of a man who has made a tremendous difference in the Greater Houston area, and who has blazed a trail of success in the automotive sales industry through hard work, perseverance and dedication – that man is none other than industry veteran Fred Hoyer of the Bayway Auto Group.

Looking at the successful career Fred Hoyer has had, it’s almost as if one can say that the automobile industry was predestined for him. After leaving the liquor industry because the company he was working for was bought out by a larger company, Hoyer ended up in the automobile industry.

Hoyer attributes a seminar he attended on how to be successful in the automobile industry that was held by Jackie Cooper, as to the kickstart to his success. It was there, he says, that he was taught how to always be professional, upfront and honest with people.

“All you have is your word and your name in this business, and you have to make sure you protect that by any means necessary,” says Hoyer. “Being honest, upfront and always keeping your word is extremely important. You always have to do what you say you’re going to do.”

And those traits – professionalism, being upfront and honesty – have been traits that have catapulted Hoyer to the top of the automobile sales charts from the start of his career.

Hoyer started his career at Jay Marks Mazda, where he became the top salesman (#1) in a four-state region which covered Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi. After experiencing success at Jay Marks Mazda, Hoyer left and moved on to Bayway Lincoln, which was a new dealership in Houston founded by Darryl and Linda Wischnewsky.

There at Bayway Lincoln, Hoyer continued his successful ways, not only becoming the top salesman for Lincoln Automotive in the region for ten consecutive years, but also reaching the top 10 in sales nationwide for Lincoln Automotive. Since making that move to Bayway Lincoln, Hoyer has been one of the top salesmen at the company for over 20 years and counting.

During his time at Bayway Lincoln, Hoyer has been promoted to Vice President of the dealership, and has grown with the Bayway Auto Group. The company has since expanded to five locations in the Greater Houston area, and Hoyer has served as Vice President for all Bayway locations for over nine years. He is responsible for sales, marketing and community relations for all of the stores that are a part of the Bayway Auto Group.

Hoyer is one of very few African American males in the Greater Houston area to have risen to the executive ranks in the automobile sales industry, which is something he does not take for granted. He uses his role to change the stereotypes that many people have of automobile salesmen and women, as being untrustworthy and dishonest, to one where they are viewed as honest and trustworthy sales professionals. Although Hoyer values the accolades and his hard-earned achievements, he believes those things are secondary to his goal of giving back to the community and educating consumers.

“It’s very important to me to give back to the community,” says Hoyer. “The education platforms that I have with numerous churches, and the two radio shows that I do weekly on 1360 AM and 1520 AM Radio, that educate consumers on how to buy an automobile, as well as what to look for when they make a purchase, helps dispel the negative stereotypes that exist concerning many automobile salespeople. I’m all about keeping my word and doing right by people.”

Hoyer is heavily involved in the community and with numerous organizations. His goal of giving back to the community is shared by the Bayway Auto Group ownership, which is why they donate thousands of dollars to the community each year. Hoyer holds the responsibility of deciding how, when and to whom the Bayway Auto Group’s funds are distributed. He also focuses heavily on educating individuals on one of the biggest challenges he sees African Americans falling into – dealing with credit issues.

“Credit is so important, because the majority of people looking to buy an automobile don’t have the cash to pay for it outright,” says Hoyer. “Almost every major purchase, such as buying an automobile, requires that you have some form of credit. I do everything in my power to educate the community on the importance of improving and maintaining their credit, and I help them better position themselves for any purchase they’re looking to make in the near future, like buying a car from me at Bayway.”
Hoyer has been honored by several community groups and organizations for his hard work and dedication to giving back to the community.

Along with his many achievements, Hoyer is a Vietnam-era veteran, a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and the proud father of three children – LaTonya, Stephen and Jennifer.