Health Expert Says Don’t Use the New Year As An Excuse to Make Healthy Decisions

ABOVE: J.I.V.E. Juice Company Founder, Tamala Austin, Offers Three Healthy Swaps for Combating Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season has passed, and was filled with sweet treats and rich savories that probably packed on the pounds. According to Tamala Austin, a certified health coach and the founder of J.I.V.E. Juice Company, three simple swaps can help keep unwanted weight at bay while still enjoying festive favorites.

Austin encourages men and women to:

-Swap bigger plates for smaller plates. Psychologically, most people feel fuller when they eat from a full plate. Filling a smaller plate helps men, and women, from reaching for seconds, and helps them keep their eyes from being bigger than their stomachs.

-Swap eating fast for eating slowly. This gives the stomach a chance to catch up so that men and women can determine how full they truly are before they make the mistake of eating too much, saving tons of calories.

-Swap the nap from being too full for a walk around the block. Fighting the feeling of wanting to lounge on the couch after meals is critical. A brisk walk will help both with digestion and burning extra calories.

“Many of us chose to indulge over the holiday season and then made New Year’s resolutions to eat more responsibly and get more exercise,” said Austin. “In reality, most don’t keep those resolutions and holiday weight gain becomes a cycle. And packing on pounds year after year can quickly and easily lead to obesity.”

“Now’s the time to change your mentality, practice moderation and adopt a wellness regimen that you can realistically implement and stick to,” she continued.

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