HMAAC Hosts National “The Hate U Give: The Art of Advocacy” Exhibit

Local Exhibits by Teenage Artists Express Social Justice Concerns in Their Communities

The Houston Museum of African American Culture is currently hosting the first exhibit in “The Hate U Give: The Art of Advocacy” program, which premiered in Houston on October 5th. Six young artists ranging from ages 15-19 participated in an Artists Talkback to discuss their reflections of issues plaguing their communities.

“The museum is thrilled to be a part of a national effort to highlight the issues of interactions between the police and the Black community that The Hate U Give presents so cogently,” said John Guess, CEO, Houston Museum of African American Culture. “The film is compassionate, and the fact that it is told from the point of view of a young person resonated with our young artists here in Houston and is reflected in their strong work.”

Twentieth Century Fox Film and BazanED have partnered with cultural institutions and artistic leadership groups across the United States to present “The Hate U Give: The Art of Advocacy,” a student art program featuring the work of teen artists empowered by Angie Thomas’ best-selling and award-winning novel, which has been adapted into a major motion picture. A creative vehicle to promote student voices and to support the creativity and skill of student artists, the exhibits have been available for public viewing in select cities and online since October 5th.

“The Hate U Give: The Art of Advocacy” exhibit is an extension of the extensive educational outreach surrounding the film. Conceived by BazanED, in partnership with school districts and national and regional education partners, the program is designed to support educators engaging youth in creative ways to express who they are, and enable them to shine their light and elevate their voices.

Throughout this exhibition, youth artists have the opportunity to display works created in different mediums to express what they see, think and feel about social justice issues that permeate their daily lives — including racism, codeswitching, police brutality, gun violence, identity and more. These issues are aptly reflected in The Hate U Give and resonate with youth all across America.

“Art is always an excellent way to support students, as they often feel isolated and that no one is listening,” said Jackie Bazan, Founder of BazanED. “Through their art, they are able to communicate, be seen and be heard. We are thankful to our local partners whose commitment to student expression and the communities they serve made institutional exhibits possible, as well as our online partner, whose leading presence in the online art community allows young people everywhere to shine their light.”

In addition to the local exhibit currently at the Houston Museum of African American Culture, other student art exhibits are open to the public are being shown across the country in the following cities at the Auburn Avenue Research Library (Atlanta, GA), Arts @ Large (Milwaukee, WI), Algiers Regional Library (New Orleans, LA), Reginald Lewis Museum (Baltimore, MD), and City of Asylum (Pittsburgh, PA)., a not-for-profit online community for youth, is hosting a competitive THUG

SLAM, inviting students in grades 7-12 all across the country to submit works of art inspired by

The Hate U Give to, and compete for top prizes in various artistic disciplines.

Eligible categories include Poetry, Film Shorts, Visual Arts, and Music. The juried competition began on October 12th and Power Poetry’s THUG SLAM is open for submissions through November 9th. Winners will be announced beginning November 20, 2018.

“The Hate U Give is a special story; one that moves and inspires people of all ages to make their voices heard,” said Jessica Wiener of “Young people finding their voice and using it to stand up for what they believe in begins with sharing their stories. Sharing narrative through artistic expression is the first step to inciting positive change for a cause, a community, and even one’s self.”

The complimentary Companion Curriculum for The Hate U Give is available at It includes a Curriculum Guide, featuring nine interdisciplinary lesson plans that meet Common Core Standards, a Discussion Guide, and a Student Social Action Guide which includes a Student Discussion Guide, enabling youth to facilitate discussion amongst themselves. The curriculum kit also includes photographs and video clips to support the lessons.

The Hate U Give is currently in limited release and has been in theaters everywhere since October 19th.