Houston Rockets Blast to the Top of the Western Conference

The Houston Rockets have blasted themselves to the top of the Western Conference. Leading the charge to victory is none other than the Euro Stepping, foul-drawing master James Harden. It’s no wonder that Harden has already received accolades in the form of being named Western Conference Player of the Week for games played from Monday, Oct. 30 through Sunday, Nov 5 in Week 3.

Fast Facts (via Houston Rockets)

  • James Harden scored at least 20 points in every game this season.
  • Harden is the first player in franchise history to have 20+ points in each of the first 14 games of a season.
  • Harden is averaging 35.8 points during the six-game winning streak and 30.2 ppg overall this season (third in NBA).

Harden scored a career-high 56-point performance in the matchup against Utah but made it clear that these successes are very much a team effort. Harden explained, “…our communication is at a high level right now. Our defense is creating a lot of opportunities for our offense.” He went on to say, “The first few games we got off to slow starts… you know, we’re preaching it…we’ve got to get off to better starts….and not try to fight our way back into games but take control of the game early…and we’ve been doing that as of late.”

It’s clear that the Rockets have made improving their defense a priority and Coach Mike D’Antoni intends to push for even more improvement.

“We shut some people down,” D’Antoni said. “The defense has been really good. It can get better. It’s just being aware of what we want to do and just playing hard. It’s everybody doing their job, being in the right spot and understanding each other and knowing when to switch and when we don’t switch. It’s becoming a team.”