The Houston Rockets Are on Fire

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Rockets, who boast a record of 12-1 for the month of November, just participated in “one of the 10 most statistically dominant months in NBA history.” So it should come as no surprise that in week 8 of the NBA Power Rankings the Houston Rockets have found themselves in the number 1 spot. They are currently on a seven-game winning streak in which they lead the league in points per game (120.3), three-pointers made per game (18.1), their offensive rating (117.4) and their defensive rating (95.9). The Rockets set a record following their win over the Lakers by winning “six consecutive road games by a margin of 15 points or more.”

The Rockets success can be attributed to their having two of the best point guards in the league with James Harden and Chris Paul, a plethora of shooters, depth and adaptable big men.
As great as the team is playing, Harden still believes the team can do more and he has one goal on his mind. When asked about the early buzz of him being an MVP front-runner, he responded, “I’m looking to win the championship this year. That’s all of our goals. It’s a buildup. Every day is a grind. There’s going to be some ups and some downs, but as long as we’ve got our eyes on the bigger prize, we’ll be all good.”

Touché, Harden. Perhaps his hyper-focus on the larger goal will allow him to Euro-step into his rightful place of MVP.