The Houston Rockets Go Streaking

As of Monday night, the Houston Rockets are once again on a 13 game winning streak that has positioned them as number 1 in the Western Conference.

The Rockets managed to come back from a 15-point deficit to defeat the Utah Jazz. Coach Mike D’Antoni said of the game, “This is probably our best win of the year, shorthanded, back-to-back. We grinded it out. I didn’t know how we were going to win and they figured out a way.”

The Rockets were missing a few key elements to their lineup. Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson and Clint Capela sat out due to either injury or illness. Yet and still, the team was able to grind out this win showing early signs of playoff readiness.

While a Golden State Warrior/Cleveland Cavalier match up remains likely, the Rockets are making the case that an upset could be in the works. Harden, who is the front-runner for this year’s NBA MVP, is steadily improving and becoming more dominant offensively as he leads the league with 31.4 points per game. Though his name and regular season performance has kept him in the MVP conversation for the past three years, the accolade has eluded him thus far.

Harden is working hard to erase the memory of his infamous Game 6 playoff performance last year. With the addition of Chris Paul, another veteran player with his heart set on a Championship title, it appears that now, more than ever, the Rockets could go all the way.

A victory against the Los Angeles Clippers would tie the Rockets current 13 game winning streak with the 14 game winning streak they had earlier this season. Streaking is nice and everything but as the Rockets round the 4th Quarter of the regular season and blaze through any opponents that stand in the way of them facing off against the Golden State Warriors, their primary focus is obvious; a title.