Houston Rockets Rookie Gary Clark is Finding Ways to Be Productive and Win

Gary Clark, a rookie on the Houston Rockets, has been shining defensively from week to week. With Gerald Green and Carmelo Anthony out, Clark played for 32 minutes in Sunday evening’s game against the Indiana Pacers. In the Rockets 115 – 103 victory over the Pacers, Clark had eight rebounds, a season high.

Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni said of Clark, “Gary Clark’s a player. He’s a player. His defense, his rebounding, smart, right position, shoots the ball, I mean, he’s a player.”

Clark’s presence has impacted the defensive effort in the last few games and he is making the adjustments necessary to fill whatever role he may be needed in.

In regards to D’Antoni’s comments, Clark said, “It’s all cool. That’s what I do. I’m a player…People say it’s ugly. People have a lot of questions. ‘Why is this kid on the court?’ and so forth. But when it comes down to winning, I do the things that a team needs. I don’t always score. I won’t ever complain about scoring or shots. But you’ll see me getting steals, rebounds, blocking shots, getting other guys opportunity to score. All I’m about is winning.”

As rumors swirl around the future of Anthony with the team, Clark’s production on the court may impact the outcome. According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, Clark is on a two-way contract. If Anthony ends up getting waived, he may be replaced with Clark who would likely get a minimum deal.

The Rockets are in desperate need of players who are interested in finding ways to win. So far, Clark has shown that he is a player who is only interested in finding ways to win.