Houston’s Own: Juliana King University Leading the Way in Developing Quality Christian Leaders

ABOVE: JKU visionary and founder Dr. Juliana King, PhD, and JKU Vice President of Administration Dr. Delores Tyler Brown, ThD, at the JKU headquarters located in Houston, Texas

Here, in the Greater Houston area, sits one of the crown jewels of providing quality Christian education and leadership training – it is called Juliana King University (JKU).

Headquartered in Houston, JKU has been one of the fastest growing leaders in Christian education, with campuses here in Texas, as well as in Nigeria and Europe. JKU not only offers training in various subject matter, but they also provide Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in different disciplines of religious studies. Thousands of people have matriculated through the university, where they attest to have found the level of JKU programs to be equivalent to that of other Christian universities across the United States.

“Juliana King University School of ministry is designed to develop leaders from the grassroots fullness of their ministry,” said JKU Founder Dr. Juliana King. “This quality of education not only advances the students preparation in their work for the Lord, it also advances their ability to manage that which God has entrusted in their hand. Our practical approach has helped hundreds of leaders reach their goals.”

In March 2003, as Dr. Juliana King was focused on serving in various other capacities, she received a mandate from God to educate, equip and empower the body of Christ and develop leaders from the grass roots to the fullness of their ministry. That mandate came to fruition in 2004, when after following God’s instructions, Dr. King connected with several other individuals to form an alliance that founded Kingdom Builders Clergy Alliance Network Worldwide, Inc., which began on the continent of Africa.

That foundational alliance rapidly multiplied to grow to over seventy-five (75) pastors within three months from the northern, southern, eastern and western parts of Nigeria. Within six months of its founding, the number of pastors who joined the alliance doubled to over 165 pastors; extending to Ghana and other parts of Africa.

By 2005, Dr. King received an even greater mandate to train, educate and empower leaders for ministry, leading to the birth of International Kingdom Christian Seminary and School of Counseling.

In the first year of operation, 110 students were a part of the first graduating class and were awarded certificates of Biblical studies from the intense curriculum that she developed, and 67 individuals were ordained as pastors and sent forth into ministry.

In 2006 she was consecrated and ordained into the office of apostle by the Spiritual Covering Alliance Worldwide, Inc. By the end of the year 2006, the alliance Dr. King helped form exploded to over 350 pastors, bishops, apostles and other church leaders from different regions of Europe and Asia.

Dr. King added new degree programs to their offerings, and in 2008, approximately 260 students graduated with certificates, all the way up to their master’s degree programs, and over 100 pastors were ordained.

In September 2009, Dr. King was consecrated and ordained into the office of bishop, making her the first, first generation African woman in America to be ordained a bishop.

That same year, following God’s direction, Dr. King changed the name of the university to Juliana King University, and had it incorporated in Texas. The focus of the university continued to focus on educating, equipping and empowering leaders, but they added a new component to create exchange educational programs for international students, offering program degrees, and focusing on individuals interested in going into the ministry.

Since expanding its focus, thousands of students worldwide have graduated with Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees from JKU, and many worthy community leaders have been awarded with honorary doctorate degrees. JKU also offers accelerated degree programs and certifications in ministry.

Dr. King has built an ever-growing university, but that is not all she is focused on.

In addition to JKU, Dr. King is a licensed fashion designer, who has been internationally and locally recognized. Her designs have made the cover pages of EXSAE magazine, and were featured in the 1980’s in America’s mid-stream fashion industry. Dr. King was the host of the Miss Africa International and Miss Nigeria USA Beauty Pageants, and is the founder of International Images Inc., a non-profit organization that provided scholarships for international students to meet the needs of Africans at large. Her mission was recognized by the African government and given a platform at the Nigerian Consulate, African embassies, and the United Nations in the 1990’s, and in 1995 she was awarded honoree citizen of Tennessee. Dr. King also led the initiative to establish the Texas Faith-Based Epic Resource Center in 2009.

Dr. King also serves as the president and CEO of Beauty of Holiness Celebration Ministries Worldwide Inc.; founder and president of Kingdom Builders Clergy Alliance Network Worldwide, which has over 412 ministry alliance memberships and 275 pastors ordained into ministry; founder of Beauty of Holiness Charities; Juliana King Global Empowerment Marketplace Ministry; Juliana King Holy Revival Crusade Movement; GOD’S CEO; Beauty for Jesus Clinics; Host of Beauty Come Alive Media Ministry; an executive member of the International Secret College of Bishops and Apostles, Inc.; and Shalom Counseling and Pastoral Care Services.

Among all of her accomplishments, God has graced Dr. King with the spirit of humility and a heart of servitude. Her greatest desire is to help bring hope and love, promote good health, eradicate poverty, and educate and empower our communities to walk into their destiny and direct humanity to achieve divinity.

Dr. King is a widow, who has four children and now resides in Katy, Texas; a suburb of Houston.

For more information on Juliana King University (JKU), please visit www.julianakinguniversity.org.