Houston’s Kid Star Shows Out at The Apollo

14-year-old DeCory recently moonwalked his way from school talent shows in Houston to the legendary talent show competition at the Apollo Theatre, hosted by Steve Harvey.

After nailing “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, he’s reached over two million views on YouTube. Now, the world will hear him perform cover song “When A Woman Loves” by R. Kelly this season on “Showtime at The Apollo,” which airs every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. central time on FOX.

“It was an amazing moment when I found out I would be performing at the Apollo,” said DeCory. “Having the opportunity to perform for one of the livest audiences made me feel like I made it to the big leagues and closer to my dreams.”

DeCory is an electrifying, high-energy Pop/R&B artist, coupled with an old soul.

After deciding early on to become an entertainer, his evenings, weekends and summers have been forever changed because of the countless hours of dedication to perfecting his vocal, choreograph and performance skills. His hard work earned him the Spring Branch’s youth musical ambassador role, where he performed to his first full stadium audience at the age of 11.

Today, DeCory’s credentials include singing the National Anthem for the Houston Texans’ Running of the Bulls 5K, the New Orleans Pelicans vs. Dallas Mavericks game, and for three years consecutive performing at the Spring Branch ISD Convocation.

On any given day, you can find DeCory performing to thousands of people at various venues, community outreach locations, conventions and festivals throughout the Texas and Louisiana region.

“The moment he told me he wanted to become a full-fledge entertainer, I explained to him about the sacrifices it was going to take to achieve greatness,” his manager and father D’Juan Baham stated.

As March is a great year for artists to showcase their talents, his manager evaluated the next move for DeCory’s career; choosing between a drive to SXSW and a ticket to New York to perform at the world-famous Apollo Theatre.

“We could spend three hours driving to Austin for a showcase where people could hear him once or fly to New York City and wait in line for three hours for a showcase that would change his life,” Baham stated.

DeCory and his family have been counting down the Apollo episodes of which his performance will be viewed on national television. To build the momentum, DeCory will debut his most anticipated single “Wait a Minute”. The song talks about the peer pressure of people attempting to distract him from his goals.

DeCory stated. “I’m telling everybody to ‘Wait a Minute’ so I can stay focus.”

DeCory is the recipient of the 2016-2017 “I AM Spring Branch” award, exemplifying Every Child, Collective Greatness, Collaborative Spirit, Limitless Curiosity and Moral Compass. His ultimate goals are to share his gift of music with the world while inspiring others to find their inner greatness.

Tune in each Thursday to look for DeCory’s live performance on “Showtime at The Apollo” on FOX. Follow him on all social media sites at “ImDeCory”.