Jeff Bzdelik Returns from Retirement to Reclaim His Position as Defensive Coordinator for the Houston Rockets

Though the Houston Rockets got off to a rough start this season, it looks as if they are not ready to throw the towel in. After winning a couple of games on the road and bringing their record to 3 and 5, the organization reached out to recently retired defensive coordinator, Jeff Bzdelik, and persuaded him to come out of retirement to aid in their defensive efforts. Bzdelik was largely the force behind the Rockets’ defensive performance last season. Seeing as how it was the franchise’s greatest and most successful season, finishing first in the West, it has been difficult to watch the team struggle to get into a similar rhythm this season. While yes, it’s still too early to call, and yes, the West is the Varsity of the league, the most obvious hiccup is that this is a brand new Rockets team. While Bzdelik is certainly a re-welcomed and encouraging addition to the team, this single move will not solve all of the Rockets’ issues. In time, hopefully, both the defensive and offensive issues will get resolved as this team gets comfortable with one another.