Knowledge-First Empowerment Academy Awarded Grant from The Children’s Fund for 2019

Knowledge-First Empowerment Academy, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that has been educating and empowering learners to maximize their potentiality while inspiring them to develop a synergistic lifestyle since 2001, recently announced that it has been selected by the board of The Children’s Fund, Inc. as a grant recipient of the Class of 2019.

This grant will provide over 80 students who, because of personal hardships and reasons beyond their control, an opportunity to return to school, complete their graduation requirements and obtain their High School Diploma.

“From the family bread-winner to those seeking secondary education, a career or technical choices, having a high school diploma is the first step in one’s path of self-actualization and efficacy,” said James Allen, founder and director of Knowledge-First. “We want to thank The Children’s Fund for making this project available, as it will substantially decrease the number of high school dropouts in our community and stimulate hope to those individuals who have felt that the system has failed them.”

Low wages, no health insurance, higher crime rate and low self-esteem are but a few of the debilitating characteristics of those who have dropped out of school.

This grant will provide funding for students who have experienced “personal hardships” which has caused them to drop out of school. These students may have dropped out of school because of personal or family illness, (2) pregnancy of learner, (3) learner having served court-ordered judgment, (4) learner who had to find employment to take care of their family or (5) other extenuating circumstances. Without a high school diploma, these students are most often destined to a life which leads to dysfunctional behaviors and they become a drain on social services and public assistance. With our accredited services, these students can return to school and obtain their high school diploma. With a diploma in hand, they can now enjoy the benefits of a better job or attend college or vocational school. With this program, these students become contributors to society while offering hope for themselves and future generations.

The Children’s Fund provides support to organizations that are devoted to the development of the next generation. Their exceptional dedication may be exemplified throughout their 46+ years of support provided to Houston area charities.

To this end, Knowledge-First will additionally provide workforce development training that develops positive characteristics while leading to student success.

If you or someone you know can benefit from this project, please call 281-499-8315 and ask for Mr. James H. Allen.