Lens Of The People: Accountability

Good Afternoon, readers! Lens of The People is a column dedicated to the capture of the real-life scenarios and events of the local Houston area whilst also giving the thoughts and opinions of the Houston community itself its own voice to speak through.

There’s a certain word that’s been lingering around my mind, and that word is accountability. I often find myself thinking about the importance of accountability and how accountability, or the lack thereof, can make such a large difference in the lives of many. Simply put, accountability goes far beyond holding up one’s own part of an agreement; it’s internal and an incredibly conscious act. It is something many people understand, yet something that many more don’t. I wanted to speak on accountability and bring awareness to this concept, so I asked the Houston people: This column is about accountability. How important do you feel that it is to be your own judge of your actions? Here’s what they had to say:

“Being accountable for your own actions ties into self-awareness and self-respect in my eyes. When going about your daily life, it’s important to not only take in the judgment of others, but the judgment of yourself in your actions. After all, the actions are yours.” – George Stevenson


“People should always be conscious of how their actions affect other people, and the world around them, even when it extends beyond what they can see in the moment. It’s like what someone always told me: ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’” – Otis Small


“Accountability has to start somewhere. I feel like a lot of times we depend on other people for our happiness without ever realizing it. So then, when something bad happens that subtracts from our happiness, we blame other people. But if you find inner peace and learn to put yourself first, you will also learn to hold yourself accountable as well. That’s not to say you are to blame for everything bad that happens to you, and there were obviously things that are other people’s fault like if you’re a rape victim, but if you’re able to accept the faults about you and learn to let things go then you naturally won’t have a problem with accountability.” – Ryan Nickerson


“Accountability is very important because I feel that to grow as an individual you need to be able to accept your own mistakes, otherwise you won’t be able to correct it. Blaming everything on others, in the end, just results in you hurting yourself.” – José Pineda


“I believe it’s extremely important to our own personal self growth to weekly, if not daily, evaluate our personal progress.  If an individual navigates through life without checking in with their mental, physical, and emotional health, they’re prone to self-destruction and forming habits of blaming others for their inability to cope with failures or their lack of reaching personal goals. Within my own life, I’ve realized how easy it is to navigate away from finding out who you truly are on the inside because it’s easier to let society mold you into who they want you to be; however, I find that it’s our ultimate calling to be able to get down to the core of what makes ourselves tick. We simply can’t evolve if we don’t hold ourselves accountable for the actions or mistakes we make. It’s all about growth in my opinion.” – Tori Briggs

Photographer’s Thoughts

I believe accountability is much more than what people give it credit for, in that it’s not about just checking your faults and trying to get them in order, but constantly and consistently taking even the little things you do in life in great consideration, as every action has a reaction. I think that all of us, individually, should be able to look at a problem and immediately figure out whether or not it was because of our own actions and act accordingly, and fix it however we can. Accountability ties into integrity, in that, not everyone will always see the moments when you’re holding yourself accountable, but in those moments it’s even more important for yourself mentally.

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