Lens Of The People By Treyvon Waddy: The ‘Talking’ Phase

Good Afternoon, readers! Lens of The People is a column dedicated to the capture of the real-life scenarios and events of the local Houston area whilst also giving the thoughts and opinions of the Houston community itself its own voice to speak through.

This week I aimed my focus towards the complexity of relationships. Now, as far as relationships go, there are several different things you could talk about, but what I chose to interview the Houston Community about was about ‘talking.’ What it means in this sense of the word is the time you spend with a person of interest before you officially date. Talking, however, can be pretty harmful to a potential relationship as well, because even though there’s shared interest, there’s no real title. So this week I asked: What do you think of the ‘talking’ phase and what would you do/what would you expect someone to do for you in order to take your relationship to the next level?


“He would have to be respectful towards me, show me in actions that he is all about me, and be honest from the beginning. His hygiene, specifically, has to be on point!” –Nisie Williams


“If a girl is interested in me she should tell me because I don’t understand the point of hinting and dancing around your feelings. I want her to just let me know how she feels because communication is always the key in any relationship. If I wanted to let a girl know that I like her then I would compliment her on everything she does.” – Craig Nation


“I feel like it differs from person to person and people like different things. It’s one thing to casually flirt with someone ,and something entirely different to just come out and say ‘I feel this way about you,’ because the other person might take it the wrong way. I personally am not a very direct person. I send little hints and if they catch it, they catch it, but if they don’t then they don’t.” – Mikaela Odom


“It really depends on the person, and you really have to know that person in order to know what to do. I personally would probably be more direct and to the point and just say ‘I like you,’ but that might not work for every person.” – Ryan Nickerson


“I think a guy should come out and say if he wants to be more than friends, but most of the time you’ll be able to tell right away because they’ll be on you like white on rice. Effort and reassurance goes a long way in my opinion, especially when trying to build a relationship with someone. My way of sending a hint would be doing little nice things for the person I like.” – Casey Waddy

Photographer’s Thoughts

In the moments with yourself when you’re deciding whether or not you want to take someone seriously and break out of the ‘talking’ phase, the most important thing to do is understand them. Because if you’re going to talk to someone you might as well learn about them. I think that making a real effort to get to know someone speaks volumes about how you feel about them. Get to know their habits, what they’re looking for in relationships, and most importantly if they even want the same kind of relationship you do. This misunderstanding of intentions is what causes, in my opinion, a lot of relationships to never take off the way they should.

Nurturing this openness can only help and build trust and even make the eventual relationship talk a lot less awkward.

This was Lens of The People, a column dedicated to giving the Houston community a voice and a platform. Stay on the lookout for more, all made possible by The Forward Times!