Lens Of The People: How does your clothing define you?

Good Afternoon, readers! Lens of The People is a column dedicated to the capture of the real-life scenarios and events in the local Houston area whilst also giving the thoughts and opinions of the Houston community itself its own voice to speak through.

This week I wanted to explore the deeper connotations of the everyday clothing we wear on our bodies. Clothing can convey a multitude of different things, such as status and overall personality. Being one of the first things a person is judged by in society all over the world, I’m of the opinion that now, more than ever, it’s much more important to hold in mind your own perceptions of self rather than what others might see in you. That being said, my question this week is simply: How does your clothing define you and what message do you wish to send with the clothing you wear?

“I usually wear the first thing I see each morning, which clearly shows that I’m always rushing and busy. During the week, unless there is a special occasion, I don’t really think much about what I wear throughout the week; I just decide on what I wear according to the weather. During the weekend I always look more put together and I guess it makes up for the rest of the week, because the weekend is my time to clean and organize everything. My clothes then show that organization again, but at that point, my main goal is to look cute.”-Ashley Castillo


“The clothing I wear defines me based on where I’m from, which is NJ/NY. I also have several icons who I try to base my look off of such as Dapper Dan, Odell Beckham, Young MA, etc., but when I get dressed I still try to wear my timbs as often as possible. I also tend to switch it up from time to time according to the weather.” -Vik Hargrove


“Certain clothes create a perception of you. Suits make you seem professional or make it seem like you’re headed places. Some clothes create the perception of broke or a bum. I believe that it’s important to be able to tell perception from reality. I aim for comfort when I’m getting dressed, which is why I often wear sweats.”-Darrion Gray


“When it comes to fashion and what you wear, it can definitely be an expression of who you are and how you personally choose to express yourself. So in that sense, I think it’s very good and healthy to dress the way you want in a way that allows you to express yourself to the fullest.”-Nece Manning


“That’s a good question, and honestly I’m just a comfortable person, so I wear what makes me feel comfortable to move around in. That’s why I personally don’t care for all that designer stuff everybody is reaching for. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few designer pieces I want, but at the end of the day I will always wear what I feel comfortable in.”-Kolby Harris

Photographer’s Thoughts

I’m of the opinion that clothing, much like many external factors about ourselves that allows the outside world to judge and perceive us, are absolutely what you make of it. As for myself, like many others, I dress according to what I like, and what I like changes from time to time. At times I wear what I do just to be comfortable, and other times I wear what I do because I feel as though I look good in that particular outfit. However, I believe that what others think of me is predetermined from the time we first speak to one another. As the saying goes…First impressions are everything. But I do not get dressed for the satisfaction of others, but I do so that my own sense of self is at peace. For example, adhering to the dress code of a job or institution is not necessarily because I want to follow orders, but rather because I see myself as a team player and doing so instills a sense of pride in whatever job I’m doing. I believe that the key to unapologetically wearing what makes you comfortable is keeping the thoughts of others in mind, while not allowing those thoughts to infringe on your own sense of self.

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