Lens Of The People: Women’s History Month

Good Afternoon, readers! Lens of The People is a column dedicated to the capture of the real-life scenarios and events in the local Houston area whilst also giving the thoughts and opinions of the Houston community itself its own voice to speak through.

Women in America have historically been discriminated against in our very much patriarchal society. Even to this day, women find it a struggle to live in a society such as this one. Women frankly go through so much, and are often given very little in return. From mothers, to teachers, athletes to doctors, and so on, women all over the world are striving to make the world a better place, which is why it’s only natural that they have a month dedicated to them. It is with this month in mind, Women’s History Month, that is, that I ask the Houston public: “Who are the women in your lives or that you have seen who inspire you in some way?” Here is what the people have to say:

“I feel like everyone says this, but my mom has really inspired me and I probably don’t show it like I should but I really do appreciate everything she has done for me. My first year of college, she didn’t think that my financial aid was going to cover my college tuition so she got a second job at a hotel. She’s a nurse so she has to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to get ready to go to work for 6. Once she’s off from work, she would go straight to the hotel and wouldn’t come home until 11 or even midnight. She wasn’t getting the ten hours of sleep she needed but she works hard so that I don’t have to pay for school. She has inspired me and shown me that I need to work hard for anything or anyone I love, no matter how hard it gets.”-Jabriel Green


“A woman I look up to is, without a doubt, my mother. She’s a good person, overall, and she taught me many things and gave me many qualities that I’ve taken on and advance on the older I get. Sometimes I might not make the best decisions and haven’t at times, but she scolds me fairly and gives me the encouragement I need to be a better person than I am.”-Mauricio Flores


“I feel clichè for saying this, but my mom first. As I’m growing into a woman and learning about life and its little lessons, I look back on when I was growing up and see the strength it took for my mom to be the woman she is now and with such grace. It helps me keep balanced and has humbled me in a way. My cousin Aisha is an inspiration to me as well. We were born almost 2 weeks apart, so you can imagine how close we are. She just recently got into Tennessee State’s P.H.D. Program as a psychologist and this little woman is one of the most kind and purest souls I know. It’s not the success that inspires me so much as the love and passion for what she does that’s so great.” -Kareah Keith


“I appreciate Cynthia Garza, former Dean of the Logistics Center of Excellence Department at Houston Community College, as well as Ms. Hudson, Ms. Ursula Williams, and Ms. Rita of Texas Southern University. These women have long displayed a sincere interest in the success of students during every encounter. No matter the situation, upon leaving their presence you feel energized and uplifted. They are all stylish, sophisticated, and successful, and lead the way for the future women to success. They create a path to follow, as well as great legacies, and I am eternally grateful for them all and admire them from afar.”-Teneika Dancy


“I think my mom is of course my greatest influence and inspiration. She went through a lot growing up in the South with her mother and father with many racist encounters growing up. I can only imagine the things she’s seen. With my father being in the military, my mother sort of had to fill both roles for nearly a year. For her to work, take us to school, going to the school when we were in trouble, cook for us was just a lot, which brings me to my older sister who also had to step up and make sure me and my younger brother were fed and cleaned. They are by far the most inspirational women in my life.”-Brooke Johnson

Photographer’s Thoughts

The biggest female inspiration in my life will always be my mother, hands down. She’s my number one supporter, my number one fan, and my number one, most things honestly. Absolutely no one is perfect and everyone messes up, and when I do, I can always count on her to at least try to pick me up. But the thing I think I admire most about my mother is the fact that she’s not perfect, nor does she try to be. She just does her best, which at the end of the day is all any of us really can. I’ve always valued and admired that genuine sense of humanity she possesses, and while I’m sure there are many other lessons she would rather me take away from her, I don’t think anyone can compare to that which she teaches me every day: To be absolutely no one but myself, and to do what I can.

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