THE BIG IDEA: To review men in the Bible that God called and used in His service to make Him great among men.

BIBLE FACT: God uses His own sovereignty to process and to call whom He wills into His employment to represent and to serve Him.

How God Chooses The Man

God calls the man (Divine invitation)

God breaks the man (Divine motivation)

God makes the man (Divine dedication)

God blesses the man (Divine inspiration)

God uses the man (Divine exaltation)

Gideon: God’s Bravest Man of Faith

(The Search For Faith In You)

Unconditional Surrender

War occurs when two or more nations are at odds and neither party will compromise. Generally, no nation is inclined to give in while it is strong and has high morale. Only when war has taken its toll and one side cannot see any hope of victory will it consider surrender.

One of the hardest things about Christian living is to accept God’s plan instead of our own. Until we do, we are at war with God, which won’t be resolved until someone surrenders. We Christians can be stubborn, but we must remember that God is immutable. He can never change. He doesn’t need to – He is perfect and we are not! Even so, we often still feel we know what is best for ourselves and expect God to compromise His plans and bless ours. But God will never compromise His perfect position – we must compromise ours.

God is patient. He allows adversities in life (often self-induced) to shoot down our self-dependence and blast away our arrogance. Eventually, when our failed solutions have taken their toll, we will consider surrender and reluctantly come to God with our conditions. However, even surrender cannot be on our terms – it must be on God’s terms and must be unconditional. Only then can God finally work through us and His wonderful plan will be revealed to the eternal glory of Himself and OUR everlasting delight and happiness. (Galatians 2:20) —Ian Coates

I. The selection process for winning the battle; (Judges 7)

A. God’s message and method for winning is in His math (subtraction); vv.4-7

  1. Brave leading men of faith are ready and willing to take orders; v.4
  2. Brave leading men of faith must keep a position of vigilance; v.5
  3. Brave leading men of faith STAY UP TO STAND OUT among the rest; v.6
  4. Brave leading men of faith KEEP ONLY THE KEEPERS of faith if they expect to win; v.7