THE BIG IDEA: To review men in the Bible that God called and used in His service to make Him great among men.

BIBLE FACT: God uses His own sovereignty to process and to call whom He wills into His employment to represent and to serve Him.

How God Chooses The Man

God calls the man (Divine invitation)

God breaks the man (Divine motivation)

God makes the man (Divine dedication)

God blesses the man (Divine inspiration)

God uses the man (Divine exaltation)

Gideon: God’s Bravest Man of Faith

(The Search For Faith In You)

Unity in Face of the Enemy

If there is one thing more than another required in the Church of God to-day, it is that we present a united front to the enemy. There is a great need of aggressive unity. Just before the battle of Trafalgar, Nelson inquired of Admiral Collingwood where his captain was, and learned that he and Captain Rotherham were not on good terms with each other. Sending a boat for the captain, he placed the hands of Collingwood and Rotherham together, pointed to the enemy’s ships, and earnestly looking them both in the face, he uttered the simple words: ‘Look, yonder is the enemy.’ It was enough; disagreements were forgotten, and victory was gained.—Hy Pickering

I. Gideon leading courageously to unite men for God to save other people

A. Gideon gave his men a strategy to win; Judges 7:17, 18

B. Gideon synchronized his men to win; Judges 7:19-22

C. Gideon shared his victory with others; Judges 7:23,24