The Natural Man/Boy (flesh) vs. The Spiritual Man/Boy (faith)

THE BIG IDEA: To review men in the Bible that God called and used in His service to make Him great among men.

BIBLE FACT: God uses His own sovereignty to process and to call whom He wills into His employment to represent and to serve Him.

How God Chooses A Man

God calls the man (Divine invitation)

God breaks the man (Divine motivation)

God makes the man (Divine dedication)

God blesses the man (Divine inspiration)

God uses the man (Divine exaltation)

David: God’s greatest king (Discovering the king in you)

Myron Rush identifies tough issues facing every Christian leader in The New Leader. We are wise to ponder them slowly.

– You must be willing to stand alone.

– You must be willing to go against public opinion in order to promote what you believe.

– You must be willing to risk failure.

– You must become master of your emotions.

– You must strive to remain above reproach.

– You must be willing to make decisions others don’t want to make.

– You must be willing to say ‘no’ at times, even when you’d like to say yes.

– You must sometimes be willing to sacrifice personal interests for the good of the group.

– You must never be content with the average; you must always strive for the best.

– People must be more important to you than possessions.

– You will have to work harder to keep your life in balance than people do who are not leaders. — Paul Borthwick, Leading the Way, Navpress, 1989, pp. 177-178

Within every man and every boy, there is a leader-king. God uses a process in life to help the king within a man or boy to rise to be recognized by others. Within this evolving leader-king is something that God wants him and those around him to take note. So, every man and every boy must be consciously aware that God is busy at work in the heart and soul bringing out the emerging leader-king.

Day by day, year by year, incident by incident, action by action, occasion by occasion, God is introducing new leader-kings to life, living, and how they fit in and at the same time represent the GREAT GOD they serve. Have you discovered the king in you? The ruler, the decision maker, the activist, the get-it-done, the succeeder, the progresser, the winner, the champion and other unquestionable positive actions that make others recognize and know the king in you. Every man and every boy has a king within him. He may be still emerging (cf. Romans 12:3).

David is God’s greatest king.

I. God chooses His kings while they are young. Great kings are not made overnight.

II. God makes His leader-king at unusually unsuspecting timely opportunities.

III. God tests His leader-king with a series of on-the-spot training that challenges his trust, his strength of will and his integrity.

     A. David: Serving faithfully under a loser-king;

     B. David: Making friends that matter;

     C. David: Serving faithfully under the continuous pressure of envy and jealousy;

     D. David: Acted wisely as he served a loser-king;

     E. David: Serving as a target for trickery and deception;

     F. David: Sustained and fed by God on the run from his enemy; I Samuel 21:1-6

     G. David: Spares the life of Saul, his enemy, and honors God with his heart; I Samuel 26:1-12; 22-25