Mt. Horem MBC’s Minister Dr. Thomas F. Freeman Celebrates 67 Years of Preaching, Longest Preaching History on Record

Fifth Ward’s Mt. Horem Missionary Baptist Church celebrated its minister, Dr. Thomas F. Freeman’s 67 years of preaching there this past Sunday, March 25th in Houston.

Many know of Dr. Freeman as a longtime speech professor at Texas Southern University who led many winning debates. In fact, Dr. Freeman was one of the characters portrayed in the movie, “The Great Debaters” that starred Denzel Washington and Forrest Whitaker.

Dr. James Race is a member of Mt. Horem and one of the first students on Dr. Freeman’s debate team at Texas Southern decades ago.

“Dr. Freeman is an icon, living legend and this event was an acknowledgement of his massive heritage,” says Gladys House-El. “It is always an honor being in the presence of Dr. Freeman.”

Now in his 90s, but still active and vigorous as always, Dr. Freeman continues an impressive delivery of biblical text.