Nipsey Hussle Lays a Smack Down Outside BET Awards

Nipsey Hussle unleashed a vicious slap on a man’s face in the middle of an argument over where he could park his whip … and it’s all captured on video.

The reported issue was whether or not Nipsey could move some cones and drive through a restricted area.

Tempers flared, and after the parking attendant smacked a traffic cone out of the hand of Nipsey’s bodyguard, Hussle unloaded a hard right slap.

A law officer immediately grabbed Nipsey to keep the fight from escalating before Nipsey got returned to his vehicle.

We’re told the reason for the tussle was Nipsey was late for a rehearsal and thought he could drive past the cones but security tried to stop him.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that Nipsey Hussle has officially been named a suspect in a battery investigation for the incident.