THE BIG IDEA: To review men in the Bible that God called and used in His service to make Him great among men.

BIBLE FACT: God uses His own sovereignty to process and to call whom He wills into His employment to represent and to serve Him.

How God Chooses His Servant

God takes the person (Divine invitation)

God breaks the person (Divine motivation)

God makes the person (Divine dedication)

God blesses the person (Divine inspiration)

God uses the person (Divine exaltation)

Joseph: God’s greatest trusted servant leader

(Discovering & Developing The Servant Leader In You)

At 15 years of age, Randy Frazee committed himself to be a pastor. After marriage, he planned for his education. While working his plan, his daughter was born. Randy had to work part-time and go to seminary part-time. He felt that his plan was ruined. Yet, the church where he was part-time staff needed a full-time pastor and the search committee asked Randy to become the pastor. Randy said, “I started where I thought I was going to end.” Randy’s experience illustrates that in the Bible there are two storylines. The upper storyline is God’s story where God fulfills his purpose and the lower storyline is the human character’s story with all the complexities and details of life. God calls us to capture the upper story and its effects on our lives. The story of Joseph is a crystal clear example of the intertwining of the two story lines in the Bible. (“The Story,” Frazee & Lucado)

Joseph:  God’s greatest trusted servant leader (Discovering & Developing The Servant Leader In You)

I. Joseph had it right but he had to learn how to use it right. Genesis 37

A. Joseph must be challenged by his opacuses before he can become his Lucida; vv.12-20

B. Joseph must learn that by going down before God, he will let him go up: vv.21-28

  • The higher storyline; Romans 8:28