Purple Reign: Remembering Prince

Prince was an artist. No single sect of art or genre could contain him. He was the antidote to ordinary.

From his sound to his style to his constant evolution, Prince was an original. He moved in contrary to what was happening around him and questioned the status quo. Prince was in a league of his own.

In life, Prince was widely known for his musical prowess and genius. He is your favorite musician’s, favorite musician. He didn’t have peers. He had friends or fans. He performed at will. He challenged the system. Though he was a man of few words, he was a voice for the voiceless. He cared about people; he cared about animals; he stood firmly in his beliefs and steadfast in his new-found faith. He gave generously and silently.

His anonymity may have been his greatest mark of genius. Everyone knew who he was yet no one knew who he was because he lived for himself and not the public eye. As untouchable as he seemed, he remained an active member of his community. He often opened up his home to the public for spontaneous events. He was quick to summon anyone at any time just to talk about this “thing called life.” Prince created opportunities for people unbeknownst to them through his silent generosity. The outpouring of grief is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the mark he made while on this earth plane. He gave much more than he took and will more than likely continue to give posthumously.

Prince, who worked tirelessly throughout the years on unreleased projects, will continue to live on through his music and art.