Put some “Respeck” on the Houston Rockets’ Name

“They’re the best team in the league right now. We took away their passing, took away their 3s and they best us with one-on-one play.” said Terry Stotts, the head coach of the Blazers via Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.

The Houston Rockets are on pace for a record-setting season as they continue their winning streak of 10 games after defeating the New Orleans Pelicans Monday night. Yet and still, you will be hard pressed to find coverage that reflects what they’ve accomplished so far. It’s the same song coming from the talking heads everyday saying that the Rockets live and die by the 3-point shot but that notion is wrong because in both of their wins against the Blazers and the Pelicans, that was not the case. Their offense has proven its versatility. The Rockets currently have the best record in the NBA yet after each victory the Rockets are only mentioned in passing as media go on and on about how they could never beat the defending champions, The Golden State Warriors. Even though the fact is that in the only matchup of the two teams, the Rockets came out victorious. What is that about?

Just this week when James Harden and Chris Paul displayed what two All Stars can do, putting up a combined 74 points against the Portland Trail Blazers, and exhibiting both unselfish and clutch performances in the win against the Pelicans, the media instead has chosen to focus on the possibility of LeBron James joining the Rockets during free-agency. *Facepalm*

At least the players seem to be focused on improving and continuing to grow as a team. Rockets guard Eric Gordon said, “It’s about guys’ mental approach. I think our toughest task is to be consistent defensively. Everybody’s trying to take our game to another level. That’s the best thing about it. That’s why we’re playing so well. Everybody loves to see each other do well.”
Clint Capela scored a career-high in points on Monday with 28. Harden who expressed not too long ago that his eye was on the post-season prize expressed, “We’re going to need nights like that from Clint to be consistent and be a beast like he did, blocking shots, dunking the basketball…And to close the game out. He did a really, really good job. So progress, he’s got to get better, but tonight was a good step for him.”