Quarterback Deshaun Watson Leads Texans to a 57-14 Victory over the Titans

Rookie Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson threw for four touchdowns and ran for a fifth in a 57-14 blowout win against their divisional rival the Tennessee Titans. In week 4, and 3 1/2 games of play, Watson has nearly doubled his numbers in most statistical categories (Comp Pct/Pass Yds/TD/Passer Rating). In easily his best performance yet, Watson completed 25 of 34 passes for 283 yards, four touchdowns, an interception, 24 yards rushing and a touchdown of his own. Watson’s performance at QB broke the franchise record for points made in a single game.

At this point it’s safe to say head coach Bill O’Brien has found “the guy.”

Credit must be given to coach O’Brien who has adapted his play calling to compliment the skills that Watson brings to the table. Instead of forcing him into a system, he is building a system that tailors to Watson’s skillset. Watson demonstrated that he can resist the urge to run and stay in the pocket until he can find a receiver. His mobility allows him to extend plays, and that is a major factor in producing plays from the pocket. By buying time with his ability to scramble, he is able to protect himself and get the ball to outside receivers. “The thing about Deshaun is, he’s a very good passer. He can throw the ball. He’s a passer before he’s a runner and it’s not always easy to find guys like that on tape, you know, he’s got a unique skill set.”

Watson flexed his running ability against the Titans with his touchdown run; which is another productive element to the offense. O’Brien made it clear that he has an open line of communication with his players, “I’ve always listened to players; I think that’s important — it’s a two-way street.” He spoke specifically about how listening to Watson about what he sees on the field has been critical in his transition, “A lot of the things he did at Clemson, he’s got a more recent understanding of it so he can sit there with us and go, well here [are] a couple things that I think might be good…and we try to incorporate some of those things sometimes.”

Watson also talked about his relationship with O’Brien saying, “He’s very open-minded. He knows my strengths, and our relationship has just continued to grow.”

When asked if he was overwhelmed against a Titans defense, Watson replied, “I keep it simple. I take it one play at a time, one step at a time, and learn as much as I can from the coaches and veteran guys.”

“He’s the exact opposite of a selfish person,” Texans coach Bill O’Brien said. “He’s all about the team and really all he cares about is winning when it comes to football. He just wants the team to win. He doesn’t care about stats. We’ve learned that about him from the day we met him.”

Like a true leader, Watson steered clear of getting caught up in the rapture of his incredible performance on Sunday and was already focused on getting ready for the next game against the Kansas City Chiefs saying, “You’re only as good as your next game.” Touché.