2018 The Year of Increased Growth (IG)




Forward Thinkers, today my assignment is to RESUSCIATE TOMORROW’S LEADERS TODAY by raising up, not putting down, encouraging up not beating down, and building up not tearing down a Generation of young people that will stand up and shine in the face of darkness. Yes, teen pregnancy, STDs, drug usage, high school dropout rates, prison sentences, and crime is very high among this generational group and on top on all that, 70% are being raised in a home without a Father. But in spite of all the bad and negative reports we have a church full of success stories in the making.

Forward Thinkers, let me begin by reminding you of the #1 Hater—Satan—-his job is to kill, steal, and destroy—he tricked and robbed Adam and Eve out of their position of greatness in the Garden and today he is aggressively aiming to trick this generation out of their position of greatness.

Forward Thinkers, daily I pray Lord speak to me, Tell me and Show me how I can lead your people because the enemy has a well prepared plan to take out this generation.

There is a real war being fought on domestic soil, there is a war to destroy the future, the minds, the dreams, the hopes, and the self respect of our young people.

Forward Thinkers, let me share one of several situations I’ve dealt with that caused me to pray to God for this location at 200 W. Greens Rd in Greens Point (aka to many Gun’s Point). A few years ago, 21 and 18 year old males were arrested and charged with deadly conduct and aggravated assault. Bail for each suspect was set at $250,000 and the victims killed at the scene were identified as a 17-year-old male and a 16-year-old girl that died later at the hospital.

One of the suspects’ Mother said, “Pastor I knew this was going to happen.” Forward Thinkers, my mission from that day forward was to do all I could to save this generation.

In Daniel Chapter 1 we see a Satanic Plan To Wipe Out The Future ***It’s not an accident that things are the way they are***

(Lowest in total population but highest in prison incarceration)

Daniel 1:3-5 The Enemies Game Plan and Our Plan to RTLT

1) Go Get the Best and the Rest Will Fall in Line

a) The greater your potential, the bigger the plan the Lord has for you, the brighter your shine, the more intense the enemy comes to take you out. The jail and the grave are full of today’s leaders creating a leadership void in our communities.

b) We now have a Generation programmed to disrespect Authority and Women

c) Dis authority = jail overcrowding = limited career opportunities = criminal activity = back to jail

d) Dis women the entire moral fiber of a nation is destroyed Urban Dictionary- the capacity to do what is right no matter the circumstances

2) Get Them Separated From Their Families

a. In the family system you find ID and discover purpose. Major support system.

The enemy desires to commit ID theft with this generation.

b. A language of their own—parents and other authority figures can’t relate. Satan desires for you to talk more like him and less like God

God Talk birthed from God Thoughts found in God’s Word

c. New day same old tricks setting you up for failure trick of the enemy–get you to believe he is your friend looking out for you

Goal is to get you hooked (remember dope was free at first)

d. Those Left Behind Fighting To Survive e. Human life loses value

f. Gang life replaces family life

g. Coping skills low= substance abuse high

3) Get Them To Kings Table (verse 5)a. Indoctrinate them in the Babylonian language—to teach them—brainwash Babylonian (worlds system) —Israel (God’s system) (verse 4)

b. Communication rules the nation. Frustrated because they are not being understood has led to girls reading less than ever and boys rarely read at all.

c. Control what they eat and drink because we are what we eat and drink. Health issues. Pill poppers.

e. Keep them under the influence and we can always influence them to do what we want

4) Give them new names (verse 7) Names have meaning — connects you to your future

a. Daniel “God is Judge”— Belteshazzar” Bel will Provide”

b. Hananiah “The Lord is gracious”— Shadrach “inspired of Aku”

c. Mishael “Who is like God” — Meshach “belongs to Aku”

d. Azariah “the Lord is my help” — Abednego “servant of Nego” Vs8

But Daniel was determined and resolved not to defile himself

Forward Thinkers, you must be determined to succeed

Forward Thinkers, you must set your mind on your future Forward Thinkers, you must learn to stay focused

Forward Thinkers, God’s word must become important to you

Vs12 Be Different

Forward Thinkers, Set trends, don’t follow trends

Pastor E. A. Deckard is the Senior Pastor/Founder of the Green House International Church located at 200 W. Greens Road, Houston, Texas, 77067. Pastor Deckard is also the Co-Founder of the No More Bloodshed Movement. To contact Pastor Deckard for speaking engagements contact him at , follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope @ Pastor E A Deckard or the church website