Revelation Chapter 7

I. A divine interlude (chapter 7 still under the sixth seal)

     A. Four angels controlling the four winds of the earth; v.1

     B. Another angel carrying God’s seal (6th) gives a message to the four angels; v.2

     C. The message from the angel to the other four angels; v.3

     D. A Jewish remnant saved and sealed; vv.4-8

     E. Gentiles saved and sealed; vv.9,10

     F. Angels, elders and the four beasts worship God on His throne; vv.11,12 seven fold Amen affirmation

     G. An elder’s question about those in white robes; v.13

     H. John’s answer to the elder; v.14a

     I. The elder’s answer to John; v.14b

     J. The white robes agenda; vv.15-17

Revelation Chapter 8

II. The Seventh Seal –

     A. Half hour of silence v.1

     B. Preparation for seven trumpets by seven angels; vv.2,6

     C. The angel of prayer; vv.3,4

     D. The angel and altar of fire; v.5

     E. First trumpet sounded; v.7

           1. hail, fire, and blood

           2. 1/3 trees and all grass burned

     F. Second trumpet sounded; vv.8,9

          1. mountain in the sea—the sea became blood

          2. 1/3 part sea life died

          3. 1/3 part of ships destroyed

     G. Third trumpet sounded; vv.10,11

          1. star fall and pollutes the water

     H. Fourth trumpet sounded; vv. 12

          1. 1/3 part of sun smitten

          2. 1/3 part of moon smitten

          3. 1/3 part of stars smitten

          4. 1/3 part of the day did not shine

          5. 1/3 part of the night did not appear

          6. the angel of woe; v.13