Setting Effective Fitness Goals for the Busy Woman

The first step in creating an effective goal is to create your vision statement which is simply clearly picturing the real reasons for all of your hard work. To think it is one thing; but to actually write it down is another. When you can visualize your goals and the concrete statement that backs it, you can effectively work out a specific short and intermediate term goal that will actually get you moving and not just thinking in that direction. This helps you establish concrete action steps that you can take immediately to get you going.

Below are key characteristics of an effective goal setter:

Challenge Yourself Always do a reality check when setting goals. Your goals should be set realistically…based on what you can handle. You can’t suddenly transform from a couch potato to the top of the line world athlete over night. You may even have in mind to get the youthful 20s look back while in reality you are pushing on the door of your 60s. Baby steps toward your fitness goals are crucial to being successful. While pushing slowly, remember that your goals should also push you out of your comfort zone so that you don’t get bored and just decide to give up and quit because of a lack of a challenge.

Attainability Take the “challenge yourself” characteristic seriously but in stride. When you set your challenging goal, make sure you can actually achieve what you have set out to do. If you set too high of a standard, you will only frustrate yourself and quit at your game. Most of the time, when we decide to quit reaching our goal, we are just about to achieve it.

Be Positive Your self talk should always be positive when setting and working toward achieving your fitness goals. We, as divas, are not designed to iron fist our way through life. It is much easier to approach what we DO want to do than what we DON’T want. Here is a good example of affirming positive thoughts. Instead of telling yourself to cut out the chocolate cake that you love so dearly, tell yourself that you will have low fat yogurt with berries for your sweet snack. Once your brain gets used to hearing this on a regular basis over a few weeks, it will disconnect the habitual association between the mental word “treat” and “chocolate cake” and create a new one with ” yogurt and fruit“.

Flexibility Good strategies and goals are always flexible, because nothing in this busy world stays the same for very long. If you happen to fall off your goal band wagon, pick yourself up and get back on it. In other words, it is guaranteed that you will get off track with your goals…that is if you are a normal busy woman. The key is to keep your eyes on the prize and always get back going.

Remember, meeting your goals is 95% attitude. No woman is perfect and you’re going to have those days when you are just not “feeling it”. The key is building up some good stress management habits and tools to help you deal with those days and making sure you don’t lose your motivation.