Welcome to the REAL America folks!jboney-silent-majority

I hate to burst many of your bubbles, but most of the non-pigmented folks you know, who said they were voting for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, lied to you.

Yes, they did. Well at least nearly 6 out of every 10 White Americans did, according to the exit polls that were conducted after the November 8th election.

Listen up everybody. There is no video recorder when you go into that voting booth to cast your ballot, and there isn’t a lie detector test that you’re given when the pollsters call you, that gauges the truth in your heart as to who you truly plan to vote for in the upcoming election.

That’s right! Your real self comes out when you are in that voting booth, and the REAL America showed us just who they were on November 8th.

But hey, I’m not mad at none of y’all, because you stayed true to who you were and represented to the fullest. You showed us who the “silent majority” was, that everybody had been talking about, and you showed us what it looks like to get the people who support you in formation.

Donald J. Trump did everything to galvanize the people who came out to the polls, many of which were new voters, who had either never voted before or had voted for the very first time. And guess what? Not all of those voters were Republicans. Many of them were Democrats too. The common denominator? The majority of White people, 58 percent to be exact, voted for Trump and the majority of every other race in this country, voted for Clinton.

The thing that I realized made the real difference in the race, however, is that Clinton did very little to connect with new voters and offered no real difference from the typical establishment politicians that have dominated Washington D.C. for years; and people wanted something different than the usual suspects. Clinton did not enthuse people to come out and vote for her, which speaks volumes because nearly 50 percent of all registered voters in the country decided to stay home, rather than come out and vote on November 8th.

And for a change, I am so excited that I don’t have to hear anyone blame Black people for the outcomes of an election result; especially when they aren’t the results that were expected.

Did you hear me? I repeat…Black people aren’t to blame for presenting a flawed Democratic presidential candidate who many people believe was forced down our throats and ended up losing to one of the most ill-prepared, narcissistic and divisive candidates in the history of American politics.

As history reflects, Black people always make the difference in every election and on November 8th, Black people got in formation, even if many of them didn’t want to, and did their part.

Can we at least get a pat on the back or something? Geez!

So now we get the fruit of the labor that Trump put into getting the “silent majority” to come out and vote for him.

In a Michigan middle school recently, students were recorded on video chanting ‘Build the wall’ while Latino students began to cry. Thank you, 58% of White America.

In another incident at a Pennsylvania high school, a student was caught on video shouting “White power” as other White students carried a Donald Trump sign the morning after his Election Day victory. Thank you, 58% of White America.

As a matter of fact, since the presidential election results, many states across the country have reported an increase in racist incidents and violence, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has counted more than 200 complaints of hate crimes since Trump was elected president. Thank you 58% of White America.

Look everybody, in all seriousness; I am passionate about my people and our future, and I want my three beautiful children, who mean a whole helluva lot to me, to be able to be all that God allows them to be in this world without having to encounter racist individuals who harbor hatred in their hearts towards a group of people simply because of the color of their skin.

As Americans, I remain optimistic and encouraged that we have the potential to have a wonderful future here in America, but it takes those 58 percent of White Americans who believe that choosing a man like Trump to lead this country is a good thing, to change their hearts.

As a family man, businessman, philanthropist, journalist, media professional and community leader, I thoroughly understand the pain that many people who are perplexed and fearful of a Trump presidency, feel right now as a result of that election, because honestly, I hurt too.

There were so many people on the ground working to bring about change and prevent this country from going backwards that I salute them and you all should too. There were people who put in the work and were in this fight, willing to stand in long lines, willing to inconvenience themselves to vote and are now damn near afraid about what a Trump presidency is going to look like, and what his presidential reign means for them and their families’ future. And you thought that Negan on The Walking Dead was bad; I pray that Trump and his surrogates don’t begin to exhibit any of those narcissistic actions and behavior. Yikes!

To everyone who voted and put in work in the community to elect the right people to office, I want you to stay encouraged and know that your votes and efforts mattered. Harris County now has a District Attorney who states they will care about Black issues, and a Sheriff who states the same, along with judges who look like many of the people who have to deal with these courts.

As a result of this election, now, just maybe many of you who’ve believed we have been living in a post-racial America will wake the hell up and finally realize that what I’ve been telling you was true. The “silent majority” has always been here and will be ready to be called upon when the time is right and the situation seems dire to them. We must become the “vocal minority” and so if Black Lives Matter to any of you, then now is the time that we continue that same work, exert a little extra sweat and make the necessary sacrifices we need to make in order for our country to be a better place to live and work. I haven’t given up in this fight and whoever wants to join in with me to continue making a difference; I encourage you to do so ASAP!

Jeffrey L. Boney serves as Associate Editor and is an award-winning journalist for the Houston Forward Times newspaper. Jeffrey is a frequent contributor on the Nancy Grace Show and has a daily radio talk show called Real Talk with Jeffrey L. Boney. He is a Next Generation Project Fellow, dynamic, international speaker, experienced entrepreneur, business development strategist and Founder/CEO of the Texas Business Alliance. If you would like to request Jeffrey as a speaker, you can reach him at