Southside with You

‘Southside with You’ is a delightful film directed by Richard Tanne that stars Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers. The film chronicles the first date of future President of the United States Barack Obama and future First Lady Michelle Obama, then Michelle Robinson in 1989 on the South side of Chicago. The best moments of the film rest in the nuances shared between the actors, glances, gestures. There were no gimmicks, no explosions or CGI in the film. It was simply two people walking, talking, and getting to know each other. The film boasts a quiet balance of romance and foreshadowing which leaves you wanting more. Tika Sumpter shined in arguably her best role yet as Michelle Robinson channeling the first lady down to her distinct speech pattern. The same can be said for Parker Sawyers whose mannerisms favored that of President Obama. Neither actor came across as an impersonator which was an incredibly difficult feat. Instead, they (Sumpter, Sawyers) embodied the characters and for 80 minutes you were able to get lost in the story. If you ever wondered what a perfect date looks like, look no further than ‘Southside with You.’