Texans Are Still off to a Slow Start

“All of us need to look in the mirror, analyze ourselves, and figure out what we can do better every single day to win games.” That was JJ Watt’s assessment following the Sunday afternoon loss to the New York Giants 27-22.

The truth is that it has been a slow start for the Texans who now sit 0-3 for the season. The team is comprised of some great players, but for some reason, that hasn’t converted to team wins. While the losses aren’t blowouts, mistakes that come at critical moments are preventing the Texans from pulling ahead for a victory.

Hesitation and turnovers continue to prove costly for the team, but veteran Texan WR DeAndre Hopkins is taking it in stride. “We’ve got to pay better attention to detail. It hurt us big today. So we’ll just come out this week at practice and lock in.”

The team heads back on the road to face the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday. Here’s hoping they hit their stride in week 4.