Texans Steal Preseason Win over San Francisco 49ers with a Late Comeback

The Houston Texans extended their preseason record to 2-0 after defeating the San Francisco 49ers 16-10.

In the very first series of the game, Texans 2015 first-round draft pick Kevin Johnson sustained a concussion after defending a pass from 49ers Jimmy Garaoppolo to Marquise Goodwin. He slammed to the turf and laid there for a while until he was able to walk off the field on his own. Unfortunately, that was not the only concussion the Texans team suffered. With less than two minutes to go in the first half, 25-year-old Sammie Coates, whose 3 caught passes for 32 yards earned him the highest offensive grade for the Texans, took a massive hit from Jeremiah Attaochu. Texans coaches were up in arms with the referees who were eventually forced to take a time out. Coates stumbled to his feet in pain and did not return to the game. This wasn’t the first time Attaochu “lowered his head” when defending. Attaochu had actually been penalized on the previous play for the same incredibly dangerous defensive tactic.

Quarterback Deshaun Watson looked great in the single series he participated in. Watson completed 5 of 8 of his passes sans interceptions for 73 yards and a touchdown. Watson is on everybody’s radar as the next big thing. In an interview, former quarterback Joe Theismann said, “I think he has a chance to be MVP of the league this year. I thought he was off to a terrific start last year. He has a rare combination of athleticism and ability to work from the pocket.”

Though it is preseason, and Garaoppolo plays on the 49ers…game recognizes game. So it must be mentioned that with 13:29 left in the 1st, Garaoppolo threw a beautiful 40 yard sideline pass to Marquise Goodwin. A poster pass.

That wasn’t the only ‘wow’ moment of the game. Texans Quarterback Joe Webb, who is behind Deshaun Watson and Brandon Weeden, is unique in that he can play both QB and special teams. With 27 seconds left and the game on the line and the 49ers up by three points, Webb threw a 41-yard touchdown pass to Vyncint Smith who rolled into the end zone untouched.

Voila! Another victory. Here’s hoping the Texans keep that same energy going into the regular season.