Texans “Struggle-ball”

The Houston Texans hosted the Indianapolis Colts and were defeated 20-14. This happened a few days after the devastating news that rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson suffered an ACL tear that ended his season. Backup Quarterback Tom Savage was called up to start and his performance was in stark contrast to Watson’s final game of the season. While Savage experienced his first career touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins, it was a pretty rough game otherwise. Savage was 19 of 44 for 219 yards and on the final play of the game fumbled the ball.

“It’s probably the most frustrating game of my life,” Savage told the Houston Chronicle. “It’s just one of those deals that I just wasn’t making the throws and guys were open. I’m not going to give you the politically correct answer and say like blah blah blah we can get better. No, I have to make the throws. I played like crap. That’s what it is.”

The Texans now sit at 3-5 and if they have any hope of contending in the postseason need to turn things around.

As it stands, Head Coach Bill O’Brien plans on keeping Savage in the starting position. “Right now, I do expect him to be the starter,” O’Brien told the media on Monday. “We’ve got to get Tom playing better. I think he has the ability to play better.”

It’s no secret that there is a very capable quarterback available that would complement the Texans system. That would be Colin Kaepernick. When asked about the possibility of bringing Kaepernick into the fold, Coach O’Brien said, “We talk about the roster and what’s out there every day, Rick and I.” Meaning he, and general manager Rick Smith has floated the idea of signing him.

In the meantime on Tuesday the Texans signed veteran Josh Johnson to their 3rd quarterback position. QB Matt McGloin and Defensive lineman Kendall Langford were cut to clear roster space.

The Texans will face the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.