The Blind Leading the Blind: When will Republicans Standup?

In my lifetime I have never seen such cowardice. In the name of a political party who, within the last two years to obtain and keep power has failed to show even so much as a shadow of integrity. The Republican Party has embraced pedophilia, murder, treason, porn stars, demonization of the Justice Department, degradation of our military and a betrayal of our allies. This Presidency has revealed their true character and removed all doubt that the religious right is neither religious nor right. We must call evil out for what it is. This nation is struggling to embrace the fact that what we said we stood for is now being challenged. These last two years have helped many to distinguish between the mere words of the original promise to all Americans held within the constitution or actual ideology.

We now must truly answer the question, is the U.S. Constitution truly reflective of our actions, and all of us must answer the following questions: Do we believe that all men are really created equal? What about Hispanics, who this President at every turn has demonized and vilified? What about African Americans, whose origin was described by this President as “shithole” countries?

The Trump Presidency has separated out the liars and bigots in this nation from those who truly place patriotism as a value. During this time of revelation, no one has been exempt. We have watched pastors fall prey to the pride of life behind befriending a man whose very public behavior is antithetical to Christ.

I would like to offer my humble explanation as to why.

Trump is a necessary evil that has exposed how far as a nation we have to go to live up to the words in the constitution.

Right now, Russia is circling and angling for war and N. Korea is now calling for the complete denuclearization of the U.S or else. Many Trump supporters, and Mr. Trump himself, wanted to erase President Barack Obama’s legacy, but they cannot. Obama will still be the first President to pass healthcare. He will still be the first President to sign the Paris agreement. He will still be the first president to ensure protection for dreamers.

Trump will just be known as the President who took all those things away from the American people. President Obama will still have accomplished many notable things, but the current president is not just trying to erase his legacy by his very actions, he is also erasing America’s standing in the world. To keep the “Trump” brand strong, Trump will hand Russia the world.

When will it stop? Sadly, I see no end to his betrayal!

Trump is unconcerned with anything other than the world he is building for his grandchildren to live in.

One of my favorite fables is the story of the Emperor with no clothes, mainly because it is a story about a man whose lies make him believe that he is fooling many people with his words. When in reality, everyone knows that the emperor has no clothes.

This is such an accurate depiction of our current situation as a nation, lost in a world of alternative facts. This administration has repeated those lies so many times that I believe they now sincerely believe them to be true. But the world and majority of the people within this great nation know that the Emperor has no clothes and that his lies almost bring one to the point of pity. I pray for this nation dearly.

I once asked a Pentecostal preacher a question about who was most guilty in the parable in the Bible about the blind man leading another blind man. The preacher paused for a second and responded that the blind man that followed was most guilty. Now, I found the response to be troubling because how could the blind man know that another blind man was leading him? The preacher said that he was most guilty because a blind man knows the characteristics of a blind man, and with that knowledge, to blindly follow him is wicked.

You cannot be tricked after true knowledge has been revealed. That is why the bible says that we are held accountable for that which you know, because after knowledge then comes judgment.

We know the characteristics and values of a man that is not fit to be President, by blindly following him. That makes every Republican member of the House of Representatives and the Senate accountable for the damage that Trump is doing to this nation.

I think every Republican representative should think about their actions carefully. History will not be kind in its summation of your actions, and to the nation that you will leave your grandchildren if this trajectory continues.